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StorageUnit.com Offers a Brand New Self Storage Shopping Experience

StorageUnit.com Offers a Brand New Self Storage Shopping Experience

StorageUnit.com is releasing a completely revamped design and experience for our website. This new version of StorageUnit.com is designed to accommodate the needs of the modern self storage consumer and is an entirely fresh take on the self storage shopping experience.

When we decided to shake things up, one of our main focuses was creating the best possible mobile experience for users of our website. This is a first within the self storage industry.

Consumer demand is what really made this an emphasis for us. People expect to be able to search the web and interact with fully-functioning websites on any device—desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. The evidence of this was in the month after month increases of visits to the website from mobile devices over the last couple years. Because of this, we were dedicated to providing a website where people could search for and rent self storage anywhere at any time.

In addition to the mobile-friendly approach, we also wanted to provide a different experience from any other self storage website. One major motivation behind this was helping first-time storage renters find a unit that accommodates their specific needs. With over 80% of storage users being first-time renters, it was important to us to help them quickly and easily find the storage unit that would work for them.

This resulted in the development of a wizard that uses a Q&A format to learn more about the specific storage needs of each StorageUnit.com user in order to provide a storage solution.

The StorageUnit.com wizard asks 3-4 questions that can be answered within seconds by website visitors. Questions revolve around the amount and size of items that will be going into storage, the types of items that will be stored, and other questions that are relevant to each specific user. These questions will help the user determine which storage unit size will be capable of storing their belongings, what features are appropriate based on the items they’re storing, and more.

We’re incredibly excited about the new StorageUnit.com and what it means for self storage shoppers. Our team has years of experience helping storage consumers connect with facilities in their areas, and the total redesign of StorageUnit.com has been shaped after what we’ve learned.

We also look forward to StorageUnit.com’s new capabilities in helping storage operators around the nation rent more storage units. StorageUnit.com is one of three major websites within the Storage.com self storage network, which includes USstoragesearch.com.

As part of the storage network, native members of Storage.com and USstoragesearch.com will appear on StorageUnit.com in the network results, and the same payment system they signed up for will apply for rentals driven through StorageUnit.com.

For native members of StorageUnit.com, the pricing model is unique. Native members will pay a one-time fee that’s equal to the monthly rent of the unit filled through StorageUnit.com. The minimum fee is $40, and the maximum fee is $160. Simply put, if a unit with a monthly rent of $65 is rented through StorageUnit.com, that’s what the fee for that unit will be. This pricing model will make using StorageUnit.com a viable option for storage operators in any market.

We feel that this pricing model will provide operators with a cost-effective marketing option that has the capability of working for any operator in any market.

With a totally fresh take on connecting storage consumers with facilities throughout the nation, StorageUnit.com is ready to make the search for self storage easier than ever.