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Top 3 Reasons People Use Self Storage in Greensboro

Top 3 Reasons People Use Self Storage in Greensboro

By Stephanie Hyland, StorageUnit.com

From beautiful parks to diverse restaurants, Greensboro, North Carolina is a friendly place where it’s easy to spend time and unwind or launch into a new life. Southern hospitality blends with a modern, multicultural community in this vibrant city that offers a host of amenities and opportunities to residents while maintaining a hometown feel. Plenty of people are taking advantage of Greensboro’s beautiful climate and surroundings and moving to the area. Read on to see how a self storage unit can play a vital role in making the transition to Greensboro a smooth one.

1. Relocating For a New Job Opportunity

Downtown Greensboro skylineIf you are in the market for a new job, Greenboro is a great place to seek out a new career because of the diverse business community. According to Forbes, Greensboro’s leading industries are technology, education, and transportation. In addition to these developing fields, Greensboro’s traditional industries of textiles, tobacco, and furniture still support many thriving businesses. Graduates in any of these areas of expertise can often find attractive job opportunities in Greensboro without having to move to a large city. The South Elm Street area is also home to many new businesses, restaurants, and galleries, thanks to a redevelopment plan that helped revitalize the area, and now draws many artists and musicians to Greensboro.

Whether you are moving 20 minutes across town or from a different state, relocating is one of the main reasons people seek out self storage units in Greensboro. Self storage provides movers with a sense of security and relief that, for a small monthly fee, they didn’t have to sacrifice certain belongings just because they were not sure how they would fit in during the transition. No matter how many personal items you will be storing while you relocate, Greensboro storage units come in so many different sizes, you are sure to find one that best suits your storage needs.


2. Getting a Degree

Student moving to campusWith more than 10 different colleges in the area, Greensboro is the perfect setting for incoming or transferring students. The University of North Carolina-Greensboro was recently named on the list of Best Colleges in the Nation in 2015, according to U.S. News & World Report. The university was also recognized in 2014 as No. 10 on the Educate to Career College Ranking Index.

Students moving to the Greensboro area for college can greatly benefit from renting a small storage unit. Many students come from across the region to attend these schools, and the task of moving all of their college possessions and furnishings home over school breaks can be an expensive hassle. Instead, many students rent a self storage unit in Greensboro and store their belongings near campus while they are on break.

Greensboro mini storage is also a good solution for students who just need more space than their dorm room provides for seasonal clothing, athletic equipment, or recreational gear. Also, when studying abroad, a Greensboro storage unit is a convenient and secure place to store belongings while away. With most college students living on a tight budget, one way to cut down on the cost of self storage is to rent a unit with a trusted friend or roommate and share the space.

If you are storing over the summer, you’ll probably want to find a climate-controlled storage unit in Greensboro to combat high temperatures and humidity, which can damage sensitive items like electronics, musical instruments, books, photos, and more. Climate control keeps temperatures in the unit between 55–85°F with low humidity, no matter what the outside conditions are like.


3. Being a Part of Greensboro’s Active Community

Scenic park with lake in North CarolinaBetween the Center City Park, the Greensboro Aquatic Center, and the Greensboro Roller Derby, just to name a few, local residents are never at a lost when it comes to finding something active to do. Many people take advantage of Greensboro’s lush, verdant parks that can be enjoyed much of the year, thanks to the mild climate. Whether you’re into doing yoga or strapping on your skates for the roller derby, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on—not all closet space is created equal, so storing recreational equipment in small spaces can be challenging.

Just because you may not have the square footage to accommodate all of your athletic gear year-round, don’t worry! Reserving a storage locker in Greensboro is the perfect solution so you don’t have to sacrifice certain items that help you enjoy your favorite activities. If you are just storing a few pairs of skates and other roller derby gear, a 5X5 unit—a storage space the size of a walk-in closet—can be a great help when you want to free up extra space in your garage or closet at home. Some people choose to store seasonal equipment like bicycles, camping gear, personal watercraft, and golf clubs during the winter. If you are storing items that you may need more than a few times a year, make sure you reserve a unit in a Greensboro storage facility that has 24-hour access so you can grab your gear whenever you need it.

No matter if you’re an incoming student, a full-time professional, or a retiree looking for an active community, the self storage facilities in Greensboro can be a helpful resource when it comes to moving, organizing, and enjoying your life in this charming North Carolina city.