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5 Reasons People Are Using Self Storage in Houston

5 Reasons People Are Using Self Storage in Houston

By Molly Hammond, StorageUnit.com

As the largest city in Texas, Houston has a pretty big image to maintain! Houston keeps up its ultra-cool reputation with a vibrant culture and bustling business world. Houston is a hot spot for all kinds of interests, some of which require a little more space than others. Here are five reasons that Houstonians are embracing self storage.

1. Space for Students

Houston is home to more than ten institutions of higher learning, which means there are plenty of college students in the area with no money and even less space. There is no shortage of out-of-state students with futons and fridges and hauling these items between campus and home over school breaks is a hassle. A unit big enough to fit the contents of one dorm room, or even one-half of a dorm room’s furnishings, will be affordable for even the most cash-strapped students. Plus, facilities that offer student discounts and reduced (or free) rental trucks abound, which makes getting next semester’s room set up that much easier.

2. Business Storage

As the home to more than 20 Fortune 500 Companies (as well as tons of other business ventures, from start-ups to well-established companies), Houston is an amazing place to do business. The largest city in Texas is known as a center of industry, and while that means plenty of revenue and job opportunities, it also means a lot of business stuff.

Whether it’s unused office furniture, unwieldy equipment, or just a lot of paperwork, self storage can be a godsend for businesses. Many facilities offer dedicated file storage, which will make keeping (and later locating!) important documents as easy as possible. Investing in a storage unit for your business can clear up office space, which not only gives employees a little breathing room, but makes the most of an expensive commercial lease. Rather than leasing a larger office space for a growing business, rent a Houston storage unit to maximize your current space efficiently.

3. Storage to Beat the Heat

While Houston may not experience wicked winters with piles of snow, it’s not always the perfect environment for storing in basements or garages. For valuable or fragile items, climate-controlled storage is just as important in Houston as it is in the northern states. The combination of heat and humidity in Houston is no joke, and that kind of warm moisture can spell trouble for stored fabrics, from clothing to couches. Climate control will prevent mold and mildew from damaging sensitive items like textiles, electronics, musical instruments, and wood furniture. Keeping things that you wouldn’t want to (or couldn’t) replace, like seasonal decorations or family photos, out of the heat and humidity will keep them in great shape, as well.

4. Sports Nut Storage

While Houston boasts more than its fair share of sports teams to follow (think Rockets, Astros, Dynamo, Texans, and a host of collegiate teams), it’s an even better environment for those who’d like to play themselves. Houston is home to active recreational leagues for flag football, softball, and basketball—in addition to club activities like tennis, swimming, and even the Houston Polo Club!

If you’re playing sports in an organized league, it’s likely that some or all of the equipment will be provided for you. However, if you’re a serious sports fan with equipment of your own, Houston self storage is the perfect solution for keeping your house clean and your gear in great shape. Particularly if you partake in outdoor activities outside of a recreational league, like rock-climbing, camping, or biking, which require large items or a lot of gear, the extra space offered by a storage unit can be a huge help.

Though Houston may not see season-ending snow like other parts of the country, a dedicated place to store your gear will free up lots of space during times of the year that you find yourself getting out less. Even die-hard cyclists or campers, who’d like to keep their tents and bikes on hand year-round, can keep space available in homes or garages by renting a storage unit for other seasonal items.

5. Space to Create

Houston is a haven for the arts, supporting museums, galleries, renowned ballets, and a 17-block theater district. However, that creative energy isn’t limited to these organizations—it’s inside plenty of Texans! Those with a flair for the artistic, whether it be painting, sculpture, or music, can find the perfect place for their passions in a Houston self storage unit.

Some Houston storage facilities offer units with amenities like electricity and running water, giving you the opportunity to do your creative work right onsite. Other facilities will offer you a safe and secure place to keep your extra supplies, large equipment, or finished projects, whether you’re waiting on your big break or simply looking to kick back and create.

No matter what “life in Houston” looks like to you, you can make that life a little more comfortable with a Houston storage unit!​