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3 Things You Never Knew About San Diego

3 Things You Never Knew About San Diego

By Molly Hammond, StorageUnit.com

California’s second largest city is certainly no secret, but there’s more to “America’s Finest City” than beaches and the zoo! Moving to San Diego is a popular decision, as proven by the area’s incredibly low rental vacancy rates. If you’re looking at San Diego for more than just a visit, it’s a good idea to jump on the property that calls to you, or your search may take longer than you planned. Either way, using self storage to stow your belongings until you can get settled can make the process easier, especially if your relocation means less living space for you in this high-demand real estate market.

If you do make the move, you’ll have a lot to explore. San Diego, the area that reportedly began the settling of California, is a city packed with history and things to do, but there is even more to discover just a short drive from the city. Did you know about these perks of living in Ron Burgundy’s home town?

flower fields of Carlsbad Ranch

1. Beauty and Blocks

Though locations in Carlsbad, California have their own identity (and Carlsbad address), this seaside city is a part of the San Diego metropolitan area, and home to some really cool stuff. Just a short drive away from San Diego proper, you can spend the day in Carlsbad’s LEGOLAND California Resort, the first LEGOLAND in America. If, somehow, a LEGO-themed amusement park doesn’t immediately grab your attention, know that there are different areas and attractions within the park, from roller coasters and dinosaurs to scale replicas of cities—all the way to a LEGO water park!  Plus, if you’re still upset about The LEGO Movie’s Oscar snub, you can start to recover at “The LEGO Movie Experience,” another attraction in the park.

If amusement parks aren’t really your speed, then Carlsbad has something else to offer: The Flower F​ields at Carlsbad Ranch. The Flower Fields are 50 acres of carefully cultivated ranunculus flowers in 13 vibrant colors, set against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. The breathtaking views are complemented by tractor wagon rides, a “Sweet Pea Maze,” flower arrangements that mimic famous works of art, and other attractions. They’re only open from March to May, when the weather is perfect for a picnic or just reveling in the blooms’ beauty. San Diego residents and visitors can make the drive to Carlsbad in an hour or less, and it’s more than worth it for these two unique attractions!

skiing trails at Big Bear, California

2. Any and All Athletic Activities

Short of running the Iditarod, San Diego is the perfect place for any form of recreational activity. If you’re thinking of this year-round temperate place as great for swimming but no good for snow sports, think again! True, San Diego’s many beaches are great for summer activites, but San Diego is only three hours away from beautiful mountains prime for skiing and snowboarding. Big Bear and Mountain High Resort are favorites for San Diegans, but are far from the only wintry options. If you’re not ready to seriously hit the slopes, San Diego’s Hotel del Coronado sets up an ice rink every year after Thanksgiving for “Skating by the Sea!”

If you’d prefer to cash in on that stunning San Diego weather, though, there’s always rock-climbing, sky-diving, camping, hiking, surfing…and the list goes on! If you’re really only interested in working on your tan, though, your best bet is Black’s Beach, where you’re free to bronze in the buff (at least, in designated “swimsuit optional” areas).

Mexican food in San Diego

3. The Food is Next-Level

California cuisine is known to be tasty, but the sheer variety of amazing eats you can find in San Diego is impressive. The proximity to Mexico means that authentic Mexican dishes are easy to find. Whether you’re looking for tacos, enchiladas, or something more exotic, everyone has their own opinion about the best place to grab a bite. If you want to try some locals’ favorites, start in the Eden Gardens neighborhood of Solana Beach. There you can find several authentic restaurants, including​ Don Chuy’s, ​Tony’s Jacal, and ​Fidel’s Little Mexico. As for guacamole, there’s always plenty to go around here: San Diego County produces more avocados than any other region in the country.

Nestled up to the Pacific Ocean, San Diego also has some of the freshest seafood around, and as a luxury of living on the West Coast, Californians are never too far from the famed fast food of In-N-Out Burger. What’s more surprising, is that staples that might seem more at home in America’s Heartland are being prepared in southern California with mouth-watering success—like apple pie. Julian, a small town about an hour from San Diego, is known for its apples, and places like Julian Pie Company and Moms Pie House serve up homemade apple pies that line up hungry customers around the block. It’s a wonder San Diego remains one of the healthier cities in the country, with the smorgasbord surrounding it!

Did you already know that the San Diego area had these things to offer? Is there a fun fact or excursion we should have included? Let us know in the comments!