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The #1 Reason People Use Self Storage in Tucson

The #1 Reason People Use Self Storage in Tucson

By Molly Hammond, StorageUnit.com

As the second largest city in Arizona, Tucson has tons to offer residents. Between the University of Arizona, the recently revamped downtown district, and miles of beautiful desert landscape, there’s something for everybody—unless you’re looking for snow!

Though Tucson is home to thousands of college students and plenty of young people, the city is best known as one of the most desirable spots in America to retire. While the picture of retirement might be golfing, gardening, or just plain relaxing, the truth is that living a life of luxury can take some careful planning before you can put your feet up. That’s the number one reason Tucson residents turn to self-storage: it’s the easiest way to keep a carefree lifestyle clutter-free, too!

Storage Means Simplicity

Part of retirement is basking in whatever environment you love most, and your ideal environment probably doesn’t include floor-to-ceiling stuff. Whether retirees are relocating to Tucson for their golden years or have been Arizonans since birth, retirement is the perfect occasion to simplify, but that doesn’t mean throwing everything away!

A self storage unit is a perfect place to keep items that you don’t need on hand, but want preserved for kids or grandkids, as well as a way to deal with the downsizing that often comes with retirement. Moving things into storage during a relocation is an easy way to keep clutter from ever getting a foothold in your new home. Even if you’re not relocating, the extra space that storage affords can easily make an old home feel like new.

Preparing for the relaxation of retirement is an excellent time to dig into cellars and garages and free up space from years’ worth of stuff. Simply mark different containers based on what’s inside, like holiday decorations, or who they’re intended for, and your storage unit will be just as organized as your now-spacious home!

Room for Activities

Tucson boasts beautiful sunsets and plenty of ways for residents to get active, but what good is a passion for cycling or gardening if there’s nowhere to keep your equipment? Since Arizona has warm weather year-round, there’s no reason to put your bike or your spades in storage, but by storing other non-essential items that might be taking up precious square footage, you can make space for your outdoor equipment at home.

By clearing out valuable closet or garage space, you can be sure that camping gear doesn’t get trapped under boxes, or that bikes don’t become not-so-temporary hanging racks for clothes or bags. That way, all of your gear will be at your fingertips when the perfect day for a hike, bike, or camping trip comes along.

Retirement is all about getting to enjoy daily life, and finally feeling free of stress! One of the quickest and simplest ways to create a relaxing atmosphere at home, whether it’s a new home or one you’ve lived in for years, is to declutter. A storage unit will keep items safe for future use, and out of your way for day-to-day life.

Keep it Cool

An important note about using self storage in Tucson is the need for climate control. It can get crazy hot during the summer days, upwards of 100°F. Even though it’s “dry heat,” and excess humidity isn’t an issue, extreme temperatures can damage some sensitive items like electronics, musical instruments, photographs, and more. If you are storing delicate items over the summer months in Tucson, you will want to look for a climate-controlled storage unit. That way, your unit will remain below 85°F during the summer months, and your valuable possessions will be protected until you or your family members want to enjoy them.​