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Campaign Against Clutter: Yard Sale Stash

Campaign Against Clutter: Yard Sale Stash

By Stephanie Hyland, StorageUnit.com

yard sale signWhen clearing unused items from your home, a yard sale can be a great solution to recoup some of your money while cleaning up clutter. However, garage sales are usually most successful in the spring and summer, so what is one to do with this miscellaneous collection while waiting for warmer weather to arrive? With items of all shapes and sizes that need to be organized and priced, it can be difficult to find a big enough space inside your home or garage to sort and mark all of the items successfully.

The extra square footage of a storage unit gives you an open space where you can organize sale merchandise without overtaking your home with items you want out of the way. Scheduling a garage sale can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have never done it before, but with a storage unit, you can easily get prepared for your upcoming sale on your own schedule without feeling like you have to do everything in one or two weekends.

The Campaign Against Clutter is dedicated to stopping the formation of clutter inside your home and garage and will help you stay organized year-round. Finding a self storage unit that can house the various items you will be selling in an upcoming yard sale is an easy problem to solve since storage units come in so many different sizes. Let’s get started!

The Situation

garage sale itemsYou have chairs, tables, clothes, and other random household items that have to be sorted through for your upcoming garage sale. The problem is that sorting through all of these items is creating a massive amount of clutter and chaos in your home. With all of the extra clutter being dragged out of the closets, you’re turning your house into a real life obstacle course for you and your family and quickly becoming overwhelmed. How are you going to sort all of these items and store them until the big day? How can you prevent anything you are intending to sell from being damaged in this chaotic environment?

The Solution: Invest in a Self Storage Unit

By moving your “for sale” items into a storage unit, you can make the preparation for a garage sale a gradual one without sacrificing precious closet or garage space within your home. By investing in a storage unit, you are giving yourself plenty of room to spread out and really organize for your upcoming sale while supporting your ultimate goal of getting this stuff out of your house. Best of all, it’s a great way to commit to your plans, rather than just talking about having a yard sale as more seasons pass and more items accumulate.

garage sale furnitureThe size and amount of items are that you are selling plays a major role in determining how big of a storage unit you will need. If you’re going to need to store furniture and outdoor equipment, you will need to reserve a larger storage unit such as a 10×10, 10×15, or even a 10×20. All three of these sizes can store at least an entire living room set and two bedroom sets. The extra 150 square feet that a 10×15 unit offers gives you plenty of room for bigger items such as a T.V., couches, tables, bicycles, outgrown nursery items, outdoor furniture, and more.

By investing in a self storage unit, your house will not be busting at the seams with the items you plan to sell as they sit alongside the items you use every day. You can also avoid forgetting to put out an item that was being stored in an upstairs closet or in the attic, or having something you actually want to keep get mixed in and put out for sale in the chaos of the event.

Quick Tips: Preparing Items for a Garage Sale

  • If you’re storing electronic devices such as a television or DVD player, it’s important to invest in a climate-controlled unit, a unit that stays between 55-85ºF year-round and regulates humidity. It’s important to leave these types of items in a controlled environment because extreme temperatures and moisture can make them not work properly.
  • Reserving a climate-controlled unit is also strongly suggested when you are storing clothes or anything made with a fabric that is environmentally sensitive. If you do not store clothes or a fabric couch properly, you run the risk of mold and mildew finding its way into your items since it was exposed to fluctuating temperatures and humidity.
  • When it comes to organizing smaller items that you will be selling, especially if they are fragile, it’s important to invest in a shelving unit for your storage unit, unless it is already provided by the storage facility. By keeping these small items off the floor, it will ensure that they will not be damaged before the big sale.
  • When storing smaller items that are not fragile, such as Legos or other plastic toys, consider storing them in plastic bins that can be easily labeled. By storing these types of items in a plastic bin, you will be able to keep all of the pieces together and they will be highly visible inside the storage unit.
  • Keep an inventory of the items you are storing for the sale to help you get organized. Keep one copy at home and one copy at the unit. Then you can start to determine prices for items, even if you are at home and the items are in storage.
  • Plan to bring pricing tags to the storage unit so you can start labeling items in advance. If you invest some time to price items early on, you can save yourself a lot of effort when your sale weekend finally arrives!
  • Make you sale bigger and better by partnering with a friend. That way, you can share the space and cost of the storage unit and gather all the merchandise in one spot. When the sale day arrives, you can bring everything to the sale location. Devise a way to label tags with initials or colors so that each person’s sales can be recorded properly at your event.

Problem Solved:

Whether you’re planning a yard sale six months or six weeks from now, by investing in a storage unit, you’re already on your way toward a rewarding experience since you will have taken the necessary steps to get everything in order. Staying organized during a garage sale will help the event be more profitable, and your commitment to the storage unit will motivate you to make the sale a success, rather than just donating or tossing everything because you’re overwhelmed. Best of all, you can start to enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free home right away!