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Campaign Against Clutter: Reclaim the Garage

Campaign Against Clutter: Reclaim the Garage

By Vince Mancuso, StorageUnit.com

When it comes to storage at home, there’s no doubt one of the best places to stash, place, or set things aside is in the garage. It’s a place that rarely has to look pretty, and as long as there’s space to park, that’s just fine. But what happens when your storage space could use storage space? The downfall of being a good junk room is that your garage can quickly get too full and unusable for its intended purpose—parking your car.

The Campaign Against Clutter will always be here for those found in this perilous spot, standing against clutter at home no matter where it appears. And a storage unit can stand up to any cluttered garage you may have—even a three-car. We don’t scare easily.

The Situation

You and your roommates are sharing a house, and while your own bedrooms are clearly your own, the garage is more of muddy communal space in more ways than one. Between the three of you, you’ve got two rakes, your landlord’s lawn mower, five coolers, a deep freeze from your parents’ old house, and a bicycle from that one summer you decided to be fit. Oh, and boxes, more boxes than you can count full of miscellaneous stuff from years gone by. Previously, you had no concerns about this organized chaos in your garage—until it’s your week to park in the garage, and there’s no space for your car.

The Solution

When you’ve collected too much clutter in your garage, you’re pretty much out of luck when it comes to finding more space at home. You could suck it up, shut your garage door for good, and park your car on the street for the rest of the winter, or you can do something about it. We’re here to kick clutter to the curb!

Rather than duke it out with your roommates as to what items of theirs need to go, save on house drama by renting a 10×10 or 10×15 storage unit. Heck, you can turn your roommates into storage-mates and go in on a unit together. These units are roughly the size of a small garage and are more than capable of holding all that’s currently consuming your parking area at home.

Quick Tips to Take Back Your Garage with Self Storage

  • Take inventory of what you actually have in your garage prior to renting a storage unit. While most items may be tough enough to endure seasonal temperatures, not all of them may be. Don’t be careless, place those sensitive items like photos, electronics, clothes, and household linens in a climate-controlled unit to keep them at a constant temperature.
  • Many storage units come with drive-up access, making them almost like a garage without the house attached. This amenity is ideal for loading and unloading items of all sizes. Consider the drive-up access feature to save yourself some work.
  • If you’re sharing the unit with your roommates, take time ahead of moving into storage to sort out and clearly mark what’s yours and keep these items together in your storage unit. This way it will be easy to find your belongings.
  • Be sure your facility has security features, especially if using outdoor storage. Make sure you know your things are safe with video surveillance, gated access, or even having a manager onsite at all times.

Problem Solved

We’ve told you how to take back your garage from the clutches of clutter, so it’s time to get started! Start the process right now by checking out storage units here at StorageUnit.com and join us in our Campaign Against Clutter.​