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Campaign Against Clutter: Recent Graduate Moves Home

Campaign Against Clutter: Recent Graduate Moves Home

By Aaron Mackel, StorageUnit.com

college graduate with parentsHaving a child move back in following college graduation can be a blessing and a curse. Of course, as a parent, you’re excited about the chance to have your child live at home for just a little bit longer (hopefully), but there can be a clutter issue that comes with this arrangement.

At school, your child started a life of their own, and likely acquired some furniture and other items that occupied their dorm room or apartment. Ultimately, your stuff and their stuff aren’t going to work together.

There’s a way to avoid this nightmare, though. In accordance with the Campaign Against Clutter’s mission to eliminate clutter for good, we offer self storage as a way to welcome your child back home without taking in a big mess.

The Situation

Four years ago, your son left for school and took most of his things with him. Though you’ve missed having him around, you also got used to his things not being everywhere, and it’s been pretty nice. Now that he’s done with school, he’s moving back in and you don’t have a clue where his furniture and other belongings are going to go. Either your home becomes cluttered, or you find another option.

The Solution: Invest in a Storage Unit

college graduate and father packing belongingsIn an effort to avoid months or years of clutter, it’s best to use a little tough love and not allow your kids to bring their things home. Sure, it may be difficult for them to understand at first, but otherwise, your home will quickly be overrun and clutter will prevail. Once this happens, life at home can become anything from tense to intolerable. Don’t let clutter destroy enjoyable family time during your child’s transition out of college!

In the interest of family harmony, there is only one viable option—renting a 5×10 storage unit at a nearby storage facility.

  •  5×10 storage units should easily be enough space to store a mattress, couch, desk, and any combination of smaller items that your recent graduate might need to store.
  • Moving things in and out of a storage unit is much easier than hauling them in and out of your home.
  • 5×10 storage units are affordable. Though prices vary depending on the market, $80 is somewhat of a middle-of-the-road rate. Encourage your recent grad to pick up the cost­—you can sell the fact that $80 is much less than rent!
  • If your child is paying for their own storage, they may be more motivated to look for a new living situation where they can enjoy all of their belongings instead of storing them. Whether they stay with you for a few months or a few years, paying for their own storage is a good lesson in the realities of monthly bills and living expenses.

Quick Tips

Now that you understand that this is the best option, there are a few tips you’ll want to consider to make sure you get the most out of your 5×10 storage unit.

  • Couches, desks, and mattresses aren’t the most convenient to carry. Make sure that the storage facility you choose offers drive-up access.
  • If you plan on this being somewhat of an extended stay, keeping your child’s belongings in a climate-controlled environment is highly suggested. That way, sensitive items won’t be damaged by fluctuating temperatures or humidity levels.
  • Some storage facilities offer a free moving truck rental with a storage unit rental. Save money and make the move easier by finding a facility with a move-in deal.
  • Since all the things going into storage likely won’t be used until your child moves out, you and your child probably won’t be accessing the unit too often. With this being the case,  you might be able to save some money by comparing costs at various facilities and choosing a lower rate over a convenient location.

Problem Solved

How can it get better? You’re getting valuable time with your son or daughter, they’re saving money by living at home, and you don’t have to deal with their nasty old futon while they’re back! Thank you for supporting the Campaign Against Clutter and take part in the movement by booking your storage unit today.