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10 Inexpensive Ways to Get Organized Around the House

10 Inexpensive Ways to Get Organized Around the House

By Patrick Galvan, Storageunit.com

Whether you are preparing your household belongings for storage, getting ready for home staging, or simply trying to create room around the house, freeing up space can be a tricky process. In addition to finding a place to store your possessions, you’ll also need to find ways to organize them so you can easily access them whenever you need to.

Here are ten useful and inexpensive tools for storage and organization.


kid playing in plastic bin

Plastic bins are useful for both storage and organization. Because of their size and depth, you can store multiple related items together to clear space as well as keep belongings categorized. Also, unlike cardboard boxes, plastic is waterproof, so you’ll know your belongings are safe from water damage. Did you know that wet cardboard releases sugar? And in turn attracts insects? Gross! Thankfully with plastic tubs, this is not a concern.


When it comes to categorization tools, labels are hard to top. Regardless of what storage system or technique you are using, you can use labels so that you always know what you have and where. There are tons of different labels you can either buy, make, or print for free.


rack with bins

Even if you have a suitable system of storing and organizing items, you can save additional space and make categorization even simpler with storage racks. In addition to saving horizontal and vertical space, storage racks allow you to pull out bins and tubs from the bottom without first removing those on top. You not only save space, but you also have less-physical effort.


plastic bins

A medicine bin organizer is an efficient way of collecting and storing your medicine, which would otherwise take up space in larger areas that you could more effectively use for storing something else. Label each drawer so you know where to look when you need something. Now you can use your cabinet space for more regular items such as plates and glasses. Don’t think you’re limited to storing its namesake, though. A medicine bin organizer can be used for storing a variety of small, tangible items.


pink basket

Your laundry baskets can be used for more than hauling dirty clothes. While you might want to avoid using them for storing fragile items, you can also use laundry baskets for storing clean clothing, shoes, towels, kid’s toys, and other tangible items.


orange vacuum seal bag

If you compress your clothing in vacuum sealed bags, you can fit more items of clothing within a single storage space, whether it is a drawer, a bin, or some other form of storage. Now you don’t have to divide similar clothing among different drawers. You can keep related clothing in a single location.


When it comes to paper documents, the more organized you can keep them, the better! If you don’t have a large file cabinet (which will take up space), you can use a small file box to keep your papers together and preserved. The smaller size means you can also lock the file box away or keep it inside of another container for extra protection. Learn how to stylize your file box with this easy tutorial.


spices on fridge

There are plenty of different ways to organize your spices so they aren’t cluttering your cupboard. A fun way to get your spices out of the way and easy to find is to stick them on your fridge. All you need are small containers with clear lids, magnets, a sharpie, and glue. Simply pour your spices into the containers and write the names of each on the lid. Then, glue a magnet to the bottom of the container and plop them on the fridge!


muffin tin

Using a muffin tin is a unique method of storage that you can accomplish by using a common kitchen accessory. Simply place small office supplies, such as paperclips, tacks, or rubber bands, into the separate compartments of a muffin tin and you have a whole tray of organized supplies!


shower rings

With shower curtain rings, you can hang any assortment of items from a hanger. You can hang scarves, hats, belts, jewelry, or ties. With this easy DIY hack, the possibilities are endless.


What kind of inexpensive items do you use for organization? Let us know in the comments!

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