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10 Crafty Ways to Upcycle a Coffee Can

10 Crafty Ways to Upcycle a Coffee Can

By Jaclyn Pitt, StorageUnit.com

Food containers of any sort can be saved for a variety of uses. Whether you use them for organizing, storing odds and ends, or making crafts, there are many ways to repurpose containers! In this post, we’ll show you 10 ways that you can upcycle a coffee can.


For this DIY, you’ll want to use metal coffee tins. Other supplies you’ll need are outdoor patio paint, spray paint, and painter’s tape. Spray the entire outside of the can with the color of your choice. Once dry, create striped patterns with painter’s tape. Then, paint desired sections of the can with the outdoor patio paint. Lastly, fill them with plants! Check out The Crafted Sparrow for design ideas.


A leftover Folgers coffee can is perfect for this idea. Grab your favorite color(s) of spray paint and chalkboard labels, spray the entire outside of the can (excluding lid), and place your label on the front once the paint is dry. It’s as simple as that. Now you can use your decorative container to organize anything you want! See how Hometalk created their coffee can upcycle.


Windsocks are a fun and crafty way to celebrate any holiday, especially if you have kids! You will need tin coffee cans, ribbon, twine, spray paint, and contact paper (optional). Spray the cans, then add cut-out designs with the contact paper (optional), and use a glue gun to add strips of ribbon to the inside edge of the can. Then, using a screw driver and hammer, make two small holes in the bottom of the can to tie the twine onto the can. Now you have a windsock to hang outside! See how Random Thoughts of a Super Mom made them for 4th of July.


We know what you’re thinking, a coffee can as a centerpiece? Not classy. If done right, no one will even know it’s a coffee can. All you need is a tin can, rope, and a hot glue gun. Starting at the bottom, begin wrapping and hot-gluing the rope onto the can. Once you’ve reached the top, cut the end and glue it in place. To fully conceal the can, make a “rope ring” to place and glue on the top. Next, fill the tin with a plant or flowers. Just be sure it’s stuffed full so you can’t see the can! Time2Save has fully detailed instructions.


This project is really simple. Use a tin coffee can, scrapbook paper, and double sided tape to create a utensil caddy that is perfect for picnics and family gatherings. Fireflies and Jellybeans uses a formula can, but a coffee can works just as well!


The birds in your neighborhood want you to make this craft. For this DIY, you’ll want to keep the lid. Using either a plastic or metal coffee can, make a small hole in the bottom and feed twine through it. Simply make a loop and tie the ends together. Then cut off 3/4 of the lid and reattach it to the coffee can. Lastly, fill it with birdseed and hang it in your tree! Liesure Arts painted a welcoming outdoor scene on theirs.


If you’re one who uses yarn, then chances are you have a lot to pick from. Who wants to use the same colors over and over again, right? But where are you storing it? An ideal way to organize it while being able to view your color selections is with, you guessed it, coffee cans! Glue the cans together in rows, then hang the entire piece on the wall with a few screws. You can leave the cans blank, or decorate them with scrapbook paper. Seven Thirty Three has this and several other crafty ways to store yarn.


Coffee cans are great for recycling small items such as batteries, writing utensils, medications, etc. Spray paint your coffee can any color you like, cut a hole in the lid to drop recyclables through, and make a label to specify what is being recycled. Lil Blue Boo went with a classic black and white look for their coffee can recyclers.


Are you handy with electrical projects? Then this cool DIY is for you. The tools you’ll need are a drill, screwdriver, pliers, marker, and a ruler. To make the lamp, you’ll need 3 tin coffee cans (neatly polished), 3 keyless medium-base lightbulb sockets, 3 silver gauge cord sets, nuts, washers, and bolts. For full details on how to make this coffee can lamp, visit Apartment Therapy.


coffee can wall organizer

via Curbly

This one is similar to the yarn organizer, except you can store more than just yarn! This one is also more fun to create patterns and designs by placing the cans in certain ways. You can leave them empty for a purely decorative piece or stock them with various small items to keep your belongings organized! See how Curbly assembled their wall art organizer.

What other fun ways are there to upcycle a coffee can? Let us know in the comments!

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