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Campaign Against Clutter: Craft & Sewing Supplies

Campaign Against Clutter: Craft & Sewing Supplies

By Stephanie Hyland, StorageUnit.com

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a long-time lover of DIY projects, anyone who dabbles in this hobby realm knows that it doesn’t take long for the fabric, glue, and a variety of other materials to outgrow their designated space. Over time, these materials can add up and quickly cause chaos in your day-to-day living space, making it easy to lose important pieces of a project. By investing in a storage unit, craft enthusiasts will not only protect their home from piles of yarn and glitter, they will also have a space to spread out and be able to better organize current and upcoming projects.

The Campaign Against Clutter is dedicated to stopping the formation of craft clutter inside your home and garage year-round. Luckily, finding a self storage unit that can house all of your fabric, faux flowers, glue guns, and mason jars is an easy thing to do! Let’s get started!

The Situation 

craft suppliesYour buttons, burlap, and lace are slowly starting to make their way into your living room when they should be in your crafting area. You love being able to create a project that meets your personal needs and taste, and you also love that you are able to save money by creating it yourself instead of buying it online or pre-assembled at your nearest craft store. With a list of other projects on the horizon, the last thing you want to do is throw in the towel (or the burlap) and stop the DIY projects just because the supplies are outgrowing their designated space. Since no one wants to clean up spilled glitter, how can you ensure that you can continue making your favorite crafts without infringing on every room in the house?

The Solution: Invest in a Storage Unit

By investing in a storage unit, DIY enthusiasts can have a space to call their own when it comes to making their next wreath or centerpiece that they saw on Pinterest. They don’t have to throw away valuable supplies just because inspiration hasn’t struck yet on how to use the rest of that floral foam purchased on sale or the fabric remnants that will be perfect for something in the future.

Now that you have settled on the idea of reserving a storage unit, you need to figure out how big of a unit you will need to house all of your supplies. One of the first steps to creating your crafting oasis is to determine just how many DIY supplies you have and how much of it is worth storing for future projects. By throwing out the empty bottles of paint and dried out glue, you can ensure that you’re not reserving more space than you need and that you’re not moving things into the unit that you will not use.

sewing suppliesIf you’re looking to not only store your craft supplies in the unit, but are also planning to work on projects within that space, you will want to reserve at least a 10X10 unit. This extra square footage will give you plenty of space to store your supplies while having room for a few tables and a shelving unit. Being able to have a few tables available inside your unit will give you a solid work area to assemble your crafts. If you just need an offsite location to store your craft supplies while you are moving or remodeling, you can most likely get away with reserving a 5X5 unit, a unit the size of a small hall closet.

If your love for crafts is deep, you may consider selling what you make. If you decide to open a shop of your own, a storage unit can be used as a small warehouse where you store and create custom orders for your clients. You will be ahead of the game!

Quick Tips for Storing Craft Supplies in a Storage Unit

  • If you’ll be storing glue or paint, it’s important to invest in a climate-controlled storage unit, a unit that stays between 55–85°F year-round and regulates humidity. It’s important that paints and other gel-like materials are kept in a stable environment in order to protect them from drying out or having their overall consistency impacted.
  • Climate control can also benefit paper products, fabric, dried flowers, and any other environmentally sensitive materials since the humidity level is regulated. By regulating the humidity in the storage unit, you will be protecting those items from developing mold and mildew.
  • A climate-controlled unit will be necessary if you will be storing a sewing machine or anything with mechanical parts. By leaving those types of machines in a stable environment, you will ensure that all of the gears and motors will be in working order when you go to use it next. If left in a regular storage unit, you run the risk of the gears and motors of the sewing machine being damaged due to moisture and fluctuating temperatures.
  • If the storage facility you have chosen does not offer a shelving unit, you may want to consider investing in one in order to keep your most expensive items, such as a sewing machine, off of the floor. A shelf is also another great place to store containers and smaller projects your are working on.
  • For smaller items like thread spools or ribbon, consider storing these items in plastic bins. Not only are you adding an additional layer of protection to these items, you can also easily label the box and make the smaller items in your unit more organized and visible.
  • If you plan to work on projects in your storage unit, make sure you rent a place with in-unit electricity, so you can operate your sewing machine or plug in a glue gun and task light.
  • If you will be storing finished products in your storage unit (especially if they are meant to hang), you should consider investing in a peg board with hooks to hang up your finished projects. The last thing you want is to finish a project only to have something shift and fall on it and possibly damage it.

Problem Solved

By investing in a climate-controlled storage unit for your craft supplies, you now have an organized space to house all of your supplies and projects and will not have to worry about glitter covering your couch cushions or glue getting stuck to your kitchen table. Best of all, your housemates will not grimace over supplies scattered asunder, and instead will enjoy your completed masterpieces in your clutter-free home!